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Britisk Anmeldelse af Regal Raptor
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Citat:A Raptor may be the answer
Alastair Walker

Regal Raptor 250

Wednesday, 24th August 2005

IF you've ever tried getting to work by public transport lately, you will know that it simply doesn't work anymore. Breakdowns, staff shortages, "incidents" and so on mean you cannot travel 20 miles a day, five days a week and expect to arrive on time for work. Most people buy a cheap car instead, but parking can cost you £5 a day, or more.

So I say, let's all make public transport history - and not buy another clapped out Astra diesel - but pass the motorcycle test, then buy a brand new Regal Raptor 250 for just £1,995. You'll cut your journey time in half, if not more, see 70 miles clocked up per expensive gallon of unleaded and you won't have to sit on the bus, next to an old man, with a three inch hair growing out of his ear. Fantastic.

You might have guessed by now that the Regal is made in China, which it is. But that doesn't mean it's a cheaply made, poorly assembled bag of bits. This bike is based on the reliable 250 Honda Rebel and shares the twin cylinder engine design, and cruiser type chassis. More importantly, the paint and chrome looked thick, the bike ran faultlessly on test and the Regal felt every bit as smooth and polished as a Japanese cruiser 250.

However, it isn't a fast 250cc bike. I was running in a new motor, but even so, I would be surprised if the Regal will do 70mph flat out without a merciless caning. A Kymco 250, or Honda CBF250 are faster - but cost a grand [£1,000] more. Do you need the extra performance, or do you want a comfortable, economical, ride-to-work machine? It's your choice. The Regal also comes with 12 months warranty from the UK importer, albeit on parts only.

The Regal surprised me with its easy-handling, decent braking and quiet running. It should act as a wake up call to the Japanese that China will one day dominate the global market in commuter motorcycles - and that day will be arriving soon. The Regal also makes paying two grand a year for a season ticket to a bus or train company look like a bad joke.
Direkte link: http://www.manchesteronline.co.uk/cars/m...nswer.html
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